Sidewalk Screening

December 2013 - February 2014, Toronto, Canada.


Mohammad Rezaei, Golboo Amani & Vanessa Dion Fletcher

This video exhibition series featured 26 emerging artists from across Canada. Representing a broad range of styles and subject matter, this collage of emergent voices creates an aesthetic conversation for a diverse audience. The series was intended to provide a visual reprieve from the dark winter landscape of the city. By being projected onto the surface of the gallery windows these video works interact with the audience outside gallery by filling the streetscape with animated shorts. Speakers installed outside the gallery allow viewers to experience an aesthetic intervention in the visual and auditory landscape of the everyday. The exhibition was projected from 4pm (sunset) until 4am (sunrise) daily starting December 12th. The Sidewalk Screening website features descriptions and animated .gifs of all the artists works as well as an exhibition text written by Alvis Choi. Viewers were encouraged to vote for their pick for the Viewer’s Choice Award by visiting www.sidewalkscreening.com.


Adam Waldron-Blain | Amy Malbeuf | Ashley Ohman & Joleen Toner | Caitilind R. C Brown | Conne Freitas | Dani Lamorte | Greg Doble| Edwin Janzen | Elyse Portal | Helen Teager | Jennifer Chan | Jessica Karuhanga | Jordan Loeppky-Kolesnik | Joshua Vettivelu | Lindsay Sorell | Nicholas Crombach | Nic Greasy | Patrick Cruz | Roya Akbari | Ryan Von Hagen | Suzanne Morissette | Todd Rederburg | Waleed Nesyif | Walter Scott | Zac MacArthur

More information on the project at Whippersnapper Gallery's Website.

(Above .image: Jessica Karuhanga, Gold Ankle Bone Cups), Curtesy of the Artist & Whippersnapper Gallery.